a refreshing, well rounded series of classes

Take learning beyond the classroom and into the big, broad beautiful world with our lessons in social and global studies.  We have crafted a growing library of ready-to-use, 45-60 minute learning modules on topics ranging from gender norms around the world to indigenous poverty here at home. Discover practical and creative ways to bring new experiences to your students and differentiate your classroom learning experience.  Content is geared toward students in grades 6 to 12. Each lesson comes with documentation including a brief summary and any disclaimers about potentially sensitive content. 

written by educators for educators

All of our content is created by teachers and educators with diverse experience and is supported by research from leaders in international development. 

Male and female perspective represented equally

Each module is presented with content and perspectives from both genders. We believe that presenting information objectively from the both genders we are providing a unique take on global issues and allowing the student to come to their own conclusions. 

Creative, interactive content

Each lesson contains valuable information, problem solving challenges, activities, opportunities for students to share and participate, and what we hope are “aha moments.” 

Learning for the real world

skill building

Effective communication

Effective communication involves listening and empathy. Through team work activities, classroom talking circles, and content from youth around the globe with different perspectives, your students will learn how to listen and and be heard.

Problem solving

Through exercises and creatively presented information, students will be challenged to be resourceful and creative, seeking out solutions as individuals and teams for real world issues.

Global awareness

We believe that teaching philanthropy from a young age is a great way to create a generation of individuals who have genuine awareness and concern for the world as a whole.

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