A platform for Canadian teachers & students to build meaningful relationships with international partners through digital learning and fundraising.

an innovative resource for educators who care

Child Freedom Project helps teachers to transform the classroom experience of their students into an interactive, impactful, and internationally connected portal.  Access a growing library full 45-60 minute learning modules in global and social studies, geared toward students in grades 6 to 12. Enhance the learning experience of your students by facilitating action based on their learning, and further develop their understanding by creating opportunity to build relationships with international recipient partners. Through our program students are empowered and enriched through a deeper learning experience that will carry with them as they develop into adulthood.  We achieve this through our three pillared approach. 



Interactive Online Classes

Step by step, turn key instructional lessons in global and social studies written by educators.
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International Support

Classroom fundraising simplified and supported. Give your students the opportunity to act on what they have learned and understand that their actions can have positive impacts around the world.
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Funder-Recipient Relationships

Enhancing your student's learning experience through direct connection to partner recipients.
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shaping the future

Child Freedom Project aims to work toward a new model of accountable aid, creating enriching, transformative experiences for both sides of the spectrum. Relationship building between Canadian student participants and our partner recipients is central to our mandate and the success of our program. While it is a beautiful thing to share your own resources, whether it be goods, funds or time, for the sake and benefit of another; we believe that by combining the act of giving with an education and a connection to the source of need, we can positively reshape the future.

More than just a talking head

Our lessons are engaging and interactive. We have a team of enthusiastic, youthful hosts from different backgrounds to guide your students through fascinating content and activities. Learn more about the educational portion of our program.

more than top down aid

Don't just send money overseas to a recipient that you will never know or truly understand. Instead, your class can connect and build a relationship through communication, video and ongoing connection through our platform.

More than a digital platform

As a teacher member of the Child Freedom Project initiative you will be appointed a program manager to help you navigate the online learning and fundraising portals. You have a question, we have answers - we are in this together! You will receive email and phone support from a real person in real time, it's our promise to you.

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